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Salty's Board Shop

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Our roots…

Authentic Outfitter’s in Columbia, SC is owned and operated by Paul Goff—a local surfer, skater, snowboarder, wake-boarder, paddle-boarder, windsurfer, kite-boarder, and more. You name it, if a board is part of the sport, Paul does it! If water is part of the formula, it’s just that much sweeter. Paul’s love of the boardsports, love of the lifestyle, and love of the people he would have the opportunity to meet drew him to a place called Salty’s Surf Shop. Salty’s has been in Columbia since the early nineties, and since then has been the place to fill your need for fun and good vibes. It’s the only place you’ll need to stop on your way to the park, the beach, the mountain, or your night out… wherever you’re headed for fun! Paul grew up getting his gear from Salty’s, never knowing he would one day own the store.

After purchasing Salty’s in 2008, Paul knew one day he would change the name, and that time has come. The store has evolved over the years, into more than just a local surf and skate shop. It has become a top pick for casual lifestyle wear for men and women in addition to serving the needs of our boardsports enthusiasts. As Paul’s hometown grows and changes, and his own life does the same, the one thing Paul knows for sure is that growth and change are good things. His passion never waivers.  His passion for life, fun, and building relationships is contagious and everlasting.  Authentic Outfitters is born out of who Paul is as a person, and what he wants for his store—an authentic presence. When you come to _New Name___, we expect you to get top notch service, knowledgeable answers to your questions, and walk out feeling a part of something more genuine... and hopefully, if you didn't already... having a new found passion for something fun!